The process of declaring Congress candidates for elections often comes with drama and upheaval, particularly at Gandhi Bhavan. Historically, leaders criticize each other, and the PCC President is often a target of scrutiny. The announcement of candidates can lead to protests, especially if someone expected to receive a ticket is overlooked.

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In the recent round of elections, Congress witnessed significant changes in its list of candidates. The initial announcement of Chinnareddy as the candidate for Vanaparthi was later reversed, and the ticket was given to Meghareddy. There were reports suggesting that Chinnareddy was denied a ticket due to financial reasons.

In the past, such decisions might have triggered large-scale protests, especially when involving senior leaders with decades of service to the party. However, even though Chinnareddy expressed dissatisfaction, he eventually gathered his followers and declared support for Megha Reddy.

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Additionally, TPCC spokesperson Adnaki Dayakar, who narrowly lost in Tungaturthi in the last election, did not secure a seat this time. Rumors circulated that the Komatireddy brothers were involved behind the scenes, and there were speculations that Dayakar might switch parties. However, Dayakar publicly stated that he was bound by the party’s decision.

KC Venugopal played a crucial role in managing the aspirations and dissatisfactions within the party. He played a key role in convening discussions in Delhi, providing assurances, and ensuring that the discontent within the party was addressed. Despite the challenging circumstances for the Congress party in these elections, the leadership took a proactive approach in the candidate selection process.

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