Losing Power does wonders to politicians. Six months ago, KCR is not just unreachable to the people but also to the media. He used to come before the media only when he deems it is needed and used to say what he wants to.

Once the power is lost, KCR is in TV9 Studio and had given a marathon interview of close to four hours.

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KCR also appeared stubborn not agreeing to the mistakes that led to the defeat and only termed Congress’s victory as a fluke or cheating of the Congress party with false promising.

He repeatedly mentioned that Revanth Reddy Government is ignorant and incompetent. And also announced that KCR is an institution who created Tsunami out of Vacuum (Soonyam nundi Tsunami) and no one can touch him. This attitude creates doubts if KCR is still in denial mode and did not go into the introspection of the defeat.

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TV9 rightly named the show as KCR Live Show because it is neither a debate nor an interview.

KCR went on talking at length about various issues and the host Rajinikanth is confined only to helping him with the topics to speak.

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Whenever Rajinikanth tries to ask any question, KCR would not allow and ask him not to interrupt.

Rajinikanth would immediately relent.

KCR went at length speaking about technical issues particularly about the water issues and power crisis in Telangana in the new government.

KCR went on giving long speeches and forget about the public, even Rajinikanth was clueless about the subject.

He could not even cross-question KCR on anything.

It was a perfect opportunity for KCR to establish a connection with the people of Telangana. But it is more about Atma Stuti and Paranindha with complex subject not understandable to the masses.