As the polling date is drawing closer, Telangana politics is turning interesting. Even though the majority of surveys predicted another victory for KCR, the ruling party is still looking nervous.

Chief Minister KCR himself is pressing the panic button. The name of Congress is figured in his speeches like never before in these nine years. His speeches are more about comparing his rule and Congress’s and warning people to be careful.

Speaking at a public meeting in Cheryala of Janagama constituency, KCR went on to say that BJP and Congress have ganged up to defeat him in Telangana. “Farmers will benefit if we continue to be in power for another ten years,” KCR said.

“Congress and BJP are afraid of me. They are trying to limit it to the state. They fear that if I win in the state, I will go to Maharashtra. That is why BJP and Congress united to defeat me,” KCR said.

This is in complete contrast to the public feeling that BRS and BJP have united to stop Congress. Otherwise, there is no reason to change Bandi Sanjay when the state unit is brimming with confidence.

KCR bringing Congress and the BJP together is the height of election heat.

Congress and BJP getting united is the most unlikely scenario and that too to stop KCR going to Maharashtra.

Probably, we may even see KCR taking Chandrababu’s name in a day or two.

KCR could not use Chandrababu’s card as TDP pulled out of this election. But given how he effortlessly said Congress and BJP got united to defeat him, it is not difficult to take Chandrababu’s name.

Given the lackadaisical attitude of Congress over the last five years, it is a surprise that BRS has hit the panic button.