Not so long ago, AP CM YS Jagan promised to give old-age pension to women aged above 45. This wasn’t like a conventional pension for the elderly but a scheme where every woman above 45 would get a pension from the government.

This received wild criticism from the public, saying it would cause serious distress to the fiscal stability of the state which already took a beating in Jagan regime. Jagan then dropped the idea and scrapped the scheme for good.

Now, KCR has made a move in this regard and the same was confirmed by KTR a short while ago.

KTR announced that KCR will become the chief minister again on December 3rd and he will then implement the Soubhagya Lakshmi scheme where every woman aged above 18 will get Rs 3000 per month in their bank accounts.

When Jagan announced pension to women above 45 itself, there was a huge outcry, and now, KTR has announced that BRS will implement a similar cash scheme for women aged above 18. The volume will be much bigger than the scheme proposed by Jagan, which in itself was widely criticized.

Observers are saying that this announcement from KTR is to attract the female masses ahead of the election.