Janasena Khammam

BJP and Jana Sena faced a humiliating defeat in ten areas of Khammam and Bhadradri Kothagudem districts. Unfortunately, none of their candidates gathered sufficient votes, resulting in the loss of deposits.

In Khammam, Jana Sena’s candidate, Miryala Ramakrishna, secured only 4,040 votes, with Nunna Ravikumar in Paleru receiving the lowest count at just 1,815 votes.

Political analysts strongly believe that leaders from Andhra struggle to win in Telangana, and there’s a prevailing public perception that Janasena leans more towards Andhra than Telangana.

In that case, Khammam has significant Andhra influence, especially due to its border location and cultural ties. Despite these favorable factors, Janasena struggled in this constituency.

Khammam didn’t respond positively to Janasena’s efforts, and Pawan Kalyan’s popularity didn’t seem to sway the results.

BJP and Jana Sena’s decision to work together didn’t work out in Telangana. Now, Pawan Kalyan needs to rethink his strategy on why he is trying to sail with BJP.