Kia Motors Get the Taste of AP Politics?Former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Chandrababu Naidu’s name is a synonym with Kia Motors Plant in Andhra Pradesh. It is the Single Largest Foreign Investment ever in the country and Naidu brought to the parched region of Rayalaseema.

However, things have changed drastically ever since the Government changed in Andhra Pradesh. Kia Motors tried to launch their first car with Chief Minister YS Jagan but the Chief Minister did not agree and only send some of his legislators. The launch event was a complete mess.

Hindupur MP Gorantla Madhav threatened an official of Kia and also, wrote a dissent message on the Launch Car much to the disappointment of the South Korean Automobile major. We do not know what happened now. The Government informed the company that the Chief Minister would like to visit the plant and launch some section or car something

Since there is no new car launch in Kia, they are planning to re-inaugurate a section in the factory which is already under production. Some say Jagan now wants to erase Chandrababu’s mark on Kia Motors. Whatever it may be, Kia Motors has got to taste AP Politics ever since the Government changed.