MLA_Kodali_Nani_YSRCPFormer Minister Kodali Nani made some controversial and insensitive comments on Late YS Vivekananda Reddy

“What is the use of Viveka’s death except for the expenses of Dinam (11th-day ceremony), Coffee, and Tea? Who inherited his properties after his death? Did Jagan inherit any property or did he get any posts? Viveka never worked for Jagan,” he said.

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He further added, ” Viveka contested on Congress ticket to defeat Vijayamma. His family always wished for the destruction of Jagan’s family. YS Bhaskar Reddy’s family walked with Jagan and Avinash Reddy would anyways get a ticket”.

These insensitive comments are receiving flak from all quarters.

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“Jagan is not the legal heir of Viveka but he is the biggest beneficiary because his death brought huge sympathy for Jagan just before the elections. That resulted in victory and that is more valuable than Viveka’s properties,” TDP leaders are saying.

“If you say, Jagan is innocent because he did not inherit any property. How did Sakshi make allegations about Chandrababu publishing articles like Narasura Rakta Charitra? Did Naidu inherit any property or did he get any posts?” they are questioning.

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It is true Viveka contested on a Congress ticket against Vijayamma in the 2011 by-election. He later joined Jagan and also contested as Kadapa local bodies MLC on the YSR Congress ticket.

CBI in the chargesheet says Viveka is angry at Avinash Reddy and his father Bhaskar Reddy for defeating him in that election even though YSR Congress had an upper hand in the local bodies of Kadapa.

Viveka was adamant about not allowing the Kadapa MP seat to Avinash Reddy. He wanted that for himself or Sharmila or Vijayamma. CBI believes that is the motive behind Viveka’s murder. Even Sharmila endorses that.

If Viveka is alive and came before the media for not getting the MP seat, one can imagine the pressure and embarrassment for Jagan just before the elections. So, there are enough loose ends in the case which are clearly against YSR Congress leaders.