KTR Is A Better Actor Than PoliticianIt is known that Telangana IT minister KTR shares a very close rapport with several Tollywood celebrities. Now, noted actor Sudheer Babu has made a very interesting comment about KTR. He said KTR looks more like an actor than a politician.

“I am a big fan of KTR. He looks sharp always. He might make for a good actor than a politician. I am happy that he hasn’t entered the film industry,” Sudheer said on a funny note. He added that “If I get to play a politician in one of my upcoming films, I will try to emulate KTR. I will try to resemble his persona.”

KTR then relied “Sudheer has made me an actor all of a sudden now. He is saying I might make for a better actor than a politician. I am taking his comment in a positive stride. I accept his complement.”

This quirky verbal exchange between KTR and Sudheer Babu caught the attention of the viewers.