KTR Jagan

It is the election season in Andhra Pradesh and the Political Parties.

Parties are unleashing one strategy or the other daily to get the upper hand in the campaign.

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YSR Congress and BRS are friendly parties.

Some YSR Congress leaders worked for the BRS in the recent Assembly elections. Jagan tried to help KCR by sending police to Nagarjuna Sagar on the polling day to flare up the sentiment in favor of the BRS.

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We have seen KCR and KTR reveal their wishful thinking of Jagan’s victory in Andhra Pradesh.

That is because they can not afford to have two enemies as the Chief Ministers (Revanth Reddy and Chandrababu) in both the states.

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Meanwhile, something interesting has happened now.

The other day, speaking at a party meeting in Vemulawada, KTR said BRS is needed in the Parliament if it were to stop Hyderabad from becoming the common capital or the union territory after June 2nd.

June 2nd, 2024 is the tenth year of AP Bifurcation and Hyderabad ceases to be the common capital from then, as per the Bifurcation Act.

Today Jagan also spoke about the common capital in Chodavaram. He said the common capital was lost because of Chandrababu.

Common Capital is a long-gone issue. Is it a coincidence that the issue is raked now?

Can it be a coincidence that both leaders remembered it at a time?

Both the leaders are getting criticism at the very mention of the common capital.

KTR is being criticized for still using divisive politics in the name of Andhra and Telangana.

At the same time, Jagan has come under attack for killing the concept of the capital for five years and for still talking about the common capital.