KTR Revanth Reddy

In the annals of political karma, the tale of K T Rama Rao’s dismissive “Who’s that?” retort during a 2017 Twitter Q&A has come back to haunt him with a vengeance.

Back then, the former IT minister, basking in the glory of his political dynasty, casually belittled questions about Revanth Reddy, who had recently joined the Congress.

“Who’s that?” he countered a Twitter user when asked about Revanth. He also said, “There are cheap characters in all fields. The best is to ignore them.”

Fast forward to the 2023 Assembly elections, and the tables have turned in a way that would make even the most seasoned scriptwriter blush.

Revanth Reddy, the once-dismissed political entity, has orchestrated a political spectacle, trouncing KTR and his party with an electoral triumph.

KTR and his father, KCR, seemingly cocooned in an aura of invincibility, believed none could challenge their dominance. They perceived Revanth Reddy as nothing more than a “cheap character,” a dismissive label that has now boomeranged spectacularly.

The poetic justice of Revanth Reddy poised to assume the chief ministerial mantle serves as a cautionary tale: never underestimate or deride anyone in the volatile arena of politics

The “Who’s that” of yesteryear has now metamorphosed into a powerful political force, teaching a lesson in humility that KTR will not soon forget.