Lokesh Sensing Opportunities Better Than JaganAfter a strict dressing down by the Supreme Court, Andhra Pradesh finally gave up its stubbornness and cancelled the tenth and intermediate exams in the state. The government has taken the decision hours before the Supreme Court’s final judgement on the issue.

Andhra Pradesh is the last state in India to take a decision on canceling the exams. More than 20 states have taken the decision well in advance. The government is in a denial mode until the last minute even though it is a phenomenon regularly across the globe.

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This is not just with this issue but the Andhra Pradesh government has this habit of stretching the most obvious issues beyond a limit and then accepting defeat in the high court or supreme court. The basic rule in politics is ‘The more you stretch an issue, the more you benefit the opposition’.

TDP General Secretary Nara Lokesh has been fighting on the issue. Everyone can sense an obvious victory for Lokesh but Jagan stretched it beyond what is necessary and finally, benefitted him. The hashtag #ThankYouLokeshAnna was trending on Twitter. Two years have gone but lessons have not been learned. On the other hand, Lokesh has become a shrewd politician, sensing opportunities better than the Chief Minister.

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