Indian Students DeportationThe problems of international students continue in Canada as a dozen students from Punjab who were victims of a fake admission scam have been protesting against deportation orders given out by the Canadian government.

Holding placards saying – ‘Stop deportation,’ ‘Unite against deportation, and ‘We want justice,’ the students sat opposite the Canadian Border Security Agency (CBSA) office on 6899 Airport Road in Mississauga in Ontario province.

The students say they were victims of a scam by a Jalandhar-based education consultant Brajesh Mishra, who issued fake admission letters from institutes in Canada in 2017 and 2018. They obtained visas on the basis of the letters and came to Canada. However, once they landed in Canada, the consultant told them that they could not enroll in those colleges and got them ‘admission’ to other colleges.

Meanwhile, many of them finished their education and got work permits. However, the fake documents came out when they applied for PR (PR) and came to CBSA’s notice. It is being reported that around 700 students were issued deportation orders by the CBSA for not having proper admission letters. Some former students are complaining that the Canadian government is victimizing them further as they had good scores and good IELTS scores.

Now, an independent tribunal that heard the case has upheld the border agency’s recommendations. In India, Mishra, the consultant, is absconding. FIR was filed against him, and Mishra’s firm was canceled under Sections 4 and 6 of the Punjab Travel Professionals Regulation Act, 2014.

The students have also started social media campaigns to highlight their situation, and some popular YouTubers and bloggers have come out in their support.

The students are also miffed with Indian authorities for not doing much. It is now being said that AAP Rajya Sabha MP Vikram Singh Sahney took up the matter with the Canadian govt and was told the matter was under investigation.