Modi Not to Pass Demonetization Benefits to People?For the last two years of Modi‘s rule, Crude oil rates are at all time low but then the Central government did not pass those benefits to the end consumers by increasing the excise duties. Back then, BJP supporters say the saved money will later be used for intervention when the prices are high.

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Due to international issues, Crude Oil Prices are increasing once again and reports are emerging that a big price hike is on cards later this week. So, the money saved in the past will not rescue the people. On the other side, Railways is also contemplating a Ticket Price Hike.

For various security measures, Railways need 1,19,000 Crore and sent the proposal to Union Finance Ministry. But the latter only agreed to fund 25% of it and the Railways will pass the burden onto the end users. So, what will Modi do with the money he is saying will be saved from the demonetization?

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