Nara Lokesh is in fray in Mangalagiri once again after 2019 Election. Lokesh faced the first Election in 2019 from Mangalagiri and met with a bitter defeat. While everyone expected him to move to some other constituency, he struck to Mangalagiri and worked so hard there.

A BC lady Lavanya daughter of Former MLA Kandru Kamala is the YSR Congress candidate against Nara Lokesh. Lavanya along with former MLA Alla Rama Krishna Reddy is going to the gated communities in the constituency to garner the Support of the voters.

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In one of the gated communities, they got a shock of their life.

“Residents here are farmers of Reddy and Chowdary community. Reddy Community in particular keeps YSR photos in their Pooja Rooms. Before this Government, Sq ft here would cost 5500 Rupees, it came down to 3500 Rupees. Please talk to the Government and bring some resolution to this issue or else Lavanya will have to face the consequences,” a man told.

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Both the candidate and Alla Rama Krishna Reddy have no answers. This is the mood of Mangalagiri. Even hardcore Reddy voters are angry for killing Amaravati in the name of Three Capitals.

Similar scenes are repeating for YSR Congress wherever they go in the constituency. It looks like Nara Lokesh will have an easy victory this time in Mangalagiri!

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