Backmail By Loan App

In a tragic incident that occurred in the Rajanna Sircilla district of Telangana, a 28-year-old individual succumbed to threats by loan app agents and committed suicide.

Getting into more details, Ch Sairaju borrowed a certain amount from a loan app which he found on Facebook. However, he was unable to repay the dues on time.

Eventually, the loan app agents started harassing Raju through Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls. They warned him that they would send his morphed images to friends and family members if he failed to repay the due on time.

The constant threats took a toll on Raju’s mental well-being, prompting him to leave his house uninformed a couple of days ago. Eventually, he was found dead at Mid Manair Dam on February 28. His phone is still missing.

Meanwhile, his family and friends received his morphed images right after he went missing. The police are currently investigating the case.