MP Santosh Kumar

KCR and KTR are on an intense political campaign for BRS as they are spearheading a series of whirlwind tours across Telangana. While KCR has been going on massive public tours across the state, KTR is looking after both party activities and also addressing public gatherings.

But there is one man who is missing behind KCR and that is his nephew – Joginapally Santosh Kumar, who served as an MP in the KCR regime.

Santosh is a dear family member of KCR and he had been by the latter’s side since his early age. Due to the personal affiliation, Santosh shares with KCR, the BRS chief even gave him the MP post. The duo looked virtually inseparable as they were seen together for many years now.

However, Santosh is nowhere to be seen alongside KCR. Previously, there were reports that there were internal clashes in the family and Santosh moved away from KCR. But again, a few days later Santosh was seen by KCR’s side at the Pragathi Bhavan. But that was it.

Over the past few months, Santosh is not seen with KCR. Previously, he used to go to all of KCR’s tours and even Delhi trips, but that isn’t the case now. The reason behind the same has become a talking point now.