Chandrababu's Last-Minute Decision Turned Wise!Former Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu who was humiliated in the assembly took an oath not to return to the house until re-elected as CM. Following that, there is a discussion in TDP if the remaining MLAs should also boycott the house in Chandrababu’s absence.

TDP almost decided to boycott but somehow made it at the last minute. That proves to be the right decision. TDP MLAs and MLCs have been putting up a good fight in the absence of Chandrababu.

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The Opposition party is clearly setting the narrative and the ruling party is in defense mode trying to defend. The spurious liquor issue has dominated the session and cornered the treasury benches big time.

They forced Jagan himself to score two important self goals in the process.

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The Chief Minister himself announced that those deaths were natural deaths. The Government trying to cover up something so obvious drew a flak with the public.

And then, the Chief Minister himself admitted that the Government is running on liquor income. The admission has boomeranged on the CM and it is all over the social media and media.

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This statement has hit Jagan’s credibility hard and is a big victory for the Opposition

TDP MLAs fighting in the assembly pushed the ruling party into defense and forced them into committing mistakes.

This can be easily termed as the most fruitful session for TDP after 2019.