Nara-Lokesh-CaseTelugu Desam Party scion Nara Lokesh has been working on gaining a mass image through the Yuvagalam yatra. But he was dealt with untimely shock by the arrest of his father Chandrababu Naidu.

Following the arrest of Chandrababu, Jagan’s men through this would rattle TDP, but that didn’t happen. So, they have resorted to a new plan now.

In a new development, Lokesh has been named as the accused in the inner ring road scam. He has been named as the A14 in the ring road scam. The CID has filed the FIR and Lokesh has been named as accused number 14 in the same.

There has been a long-standing attempt to somehow get Lokesh involved in the inner ring road and the fiber grid scam. YCP media has also been spreading narrative that Lokesh will be arrested soon.

Now, Lokesh has been named as the accused in the Vijayawada inner ring road scam case. In accordance with the YCP media’s narrative about Lokesh facing legal action.

There is already a complaint that the YCP government is targeting TDP top men with their political vendetta and no substantial cases pitted against them. This aggravated with the arrest of CBN. Now, if there is an attempt to arrest Lokesh, it will paint a bad image for YCP.