Nara Lokesh, a name that will be remembered in Telugu politics, as no one in their wildest dreams expected him to emerge as a mass leader who can control a party filled with seniors and freshers.

He rose from the ashes and won from Mangalagiri with a record majority, even after Jagan’s IPAC launched a cruel propaganda campaign against him. Simply put, Lokesh showed what Rahul Gandhi should have been today.

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Lokesh was assigned multiple ministries: Information Technology, Electronics & Communications, and Real-Time Governance. Today, around 10 am, he will be assuming office as a minister in the secretariat.

He took no break right after the new government formed and conducted Praja Darbar in Mangalagiri continuously for a few days while he is making some crucial recommendations related to bureaucrats who need to be replaced or appointed in key areas to take the new government vision forward.

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Update at 9:45 AM:

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