Reports are coming in that the Telugu Desam Party is in advance talks with the BJP to get the Narasapuram MP seat for Raghu Rama Krishnam Raju.

There is a huge public outcry after the BJP refused a ticket for Raghu Rama Krishna Raju in Narasapuram. TDP is trying to convince the BJP that having no RRR will impact the chances of the Assembly segments under Narasapuram too.

Also, some of the candidates will struggle financially if there is no RRR.

TDP reportedly offered Eluru MP seat to the BJP if they gave back Narasapuram. Thapana Chowdary from the BJP has been working hard in Eluru for the last three years and it is a safe bet for the Saffron Party.

But then, the BJP is not ready to make it happen easily.

They say they will give Narasapuram for Eluru provided the TDP high command agrees to give Kadapa MP for the Jammalamadugu Assembly segment.

BJP believes it will win Kadapa easily with the support of the alliance and if Sharmila splits YSR Congress’ Vote-bank.

But if the Kadapa Parliament ticket is given to the BJP, Muslims in the Assembly segments of Kadapa may get offended and may become counter-productive.

So, it is better if Chandrababu does not allow this. If he goes after the Jammalamadugu seat, there can be a negative impact on all the Assembly segments of Kadapa.

There are significant Muslim voters in seats like Kadapa, Proddaturu, and Mydukuru. TDP has a fair chance to win these seats and they will be gone if BJP contests for Kadapa Parliament.

The clarity about this is likely to emerge in a week.