KCR Revanth Reddy

The extremely friendly relationship between Telangana Chief Minister KCR, his son KTR, and the entire BRS party with the Tollywood industry has been consistent. Their support has been unwavering, consistently prioritizing the industry’s well-being and development.

As the Telangana election results are poised to be revealed in a few hours, anticipation looms large. Exit polls are suggesting a potential shift in power, with Congress possibly taking control and KCR being displaced. This development has sparked curiosity within the Tollywood community.

The industry insiders are eager to know who will assume the role of Chief Minister. While a return of KCR would likely maintain the status quo, the prospect of Congress taking charge raises questions about potential challenges from the new ruling government.

Jubilee Hills, home to many film stars, has traditionally supported BRS with a significant majority in past elections. The upcoming results will reveal whether this trend continues or experiences a shift.

However one certainty is confirmed: regardless of which party, BRS or Congress, assumes power, there is a firm belief that neither will pose any problems for the Tollywood industry.

Both parties have consistently demonstrated their support for the film industry, standing in stark contrast to the tyrant approach of the YSRCP, the ruling party in Andhra Pradesh, which has compelled the industry and its members to fall on its feet.