TV9-NTv-BARC-RatingsNTV displaced TV9 from the Number One spot for more than a year. TV9 got a respite for a couple of weeks when it got into the Number One spot. The channel unleashed a massive outdoor campaign calling NTV’s previous No.1 slot a conspiracy.

They have put hoardings across AP and Telangana saying ‘No.1 ≠ Kutra’. But the happiness is short-lived. NTV is back to the Number one slot in just two weeks. After regaining its spot, NTV is in that position comfortably for two weeks.

It is interesting to note that TV9’s ‘No.1 ≠ Kutra’ hoardings are still up even though they already lost their position.

Meanwhile, BARC released AP and Telangana ratings for Weeks 22-23 in the 15+ Years category.

NTV is in the number one position maintaining a leading whopping 18.4 GRPs over TV9. It is interesting to note NTV bettered its last week’s ratings by 8 GRPs while TV9 lost 9 GRPs.

TV5 is in third position while Andhrajyothy is in fifth. Sakshi is a hopeless Seventh position for many months now.

Telangana News Channels – V6 News and T News are in fourth and sixth positions.

It is interesting to note V6 is the mouthpiece of the BJP and T News is owned by KCR himself.