CBN Quid-Pro-QuoAccording to the latest developments, the ACB court has not allowed the attachment of Lingamaneni Ramesh’s house in Vijayawada. The judge made key comments on the attachment petition, stating that the court cannot decide on the petition to grant permission for attachment at this stage.

The judge emphasized that prima facie evidence should be considered before allowing attachment. The court also directed the official to provide basic evidence to justify the attachment and ordered the CID to provide the necessary documents to Lingamaneni Ramesh, as the notice was issued on May 18.

The next hearing in the ACB court has been adjourned to the 16th of this month. Although the ACB court still has the authority to conduct an inquiry into the confiscation of Lingamaneni Ramesh’s house, the court’s decision has been disappointing for the YSRCP.

YSRCP government has made various attempts to evacuate Chandrababu Naidu from the house but has been unsuccessful thus far.