Tenant Scam Hyderabad

A new scam is targeting properties owned by NRIs in high-end communities in Hyderabad.

According to reports in social media, recently an NRI who owns a villa in a fancy gated community in Hyderabad’s western region rented it out a few years ago. Two years ago, when he wanted to return to India and asked the tenant to leave, the tenant refused.

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Instead, the tenant went to court and got a stay order, claiming that his daughter’s education would be affected. This tenant has connections with the previous ruling party and local police, making it difficult for the NRI to evict him.

Now, the NRI is living in a rented house in the same community, paying over a lakh in rent each month, while his own villa is still occupied by the tenant. Shockingly, two other tenants in the same community have used similar tricks to avoid eviction.

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For NRIs thinking about renting out their property, it’s crucial to be very careful when choosing tenants. Avoid renting to people who have a lot of influence locally or who are involved in businesses like real estate.

Instead, it’s safer to rent to high-earning employees and professionals because they are less likely to use tricks like the ones mentioned earlier.

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Also, it’s a good idea to talk to a lawyer before renting out your property. Getting legal advice can help you protect yourself from scams like the one where tenants refuse to leave and use legal tactics to stay on your property.

This way, you can make sure you’re taking the right steps to keep your property safe and avoid problems down the road.