The India vs Australia 2023 World Cup final has become a political showdown online. The BJP wished Team India good luck, saying, “Come on Team India! We believe in you!” The Congress party took this as a chance and reposted the tweet with “True that! JEETEGA INDIA!”

By India they meant the I.N.D.I.A, the coalition of opposition parties, Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance, is set to challenge BJP. This smart reply by Congress handle shows they have aced their social media game.

The Congress seems to be doing well on social media. They are using clever strategies and have improved a lot recently. Sunil Kanugolu, who used to work for the BJP, is helping the Congress with these strategies. He played a big role in their win in the Karnataka elections.

Congress is now doing better on social media than the BJP and other parties. Their ads, designed by Sunil Kangolu, are getting attention because of their catchy messages. Even though people used to think Congress is not good with social media and has no connect with the millennials, they have changed that in the last few months.

Now, Congress is ahead of the BJP, but we have to see if this will actually help them get more votes. The BJP’s ads are not making a strong impact, and Congress seems to be one step ahead in the digital game. The political game is still uncertain, like the final moments of a cricket match.