KCR has got the first chance to become the Chief Minister of Telangana after the state formation.

For any regional party, the power transition is very important. People were watching closely to see when KCR would pass on the reins to KTR.

After winning the 2018 elections, everyone thought it was the right moment.

By then, KTR already been accepted by the people, party cadre, and leaders after effectively discharging his duties as the Minister of IT and MA&UD.

KCR, however, kept it pending after appointing KTR as the Working President of BRS.

Even during that five-year term, he always had a chance to pass on the baton to KTR but he ignored it.

The plan is to make him the Chief Minister immediately after the 2023 election. KCR was so confident of winning the election that he thought it was easy.

Now, the people’s verdict turned out to be different and KTR will have to wait for five more years.

The problem with this wait is that Congress and the BJP will try their level best to pounce upon the BRS and erase it by 2028.

We never know what will happen in thes five years. Opposition is the worst place to be in for any regional party with two national parties fully charged.

Revanth Reddy being the Chief Minister, it will be even worse.

KCR, for the next five years, will regret not making KTR the Chief Minister in the last nine years.