Pawan Kalyan Balayya

On multiple occasions in the past, Pawan Kalyan expressed his affection towards Nandamuri Balakrishna. The best example of this was Pawan, who stays away from small-screen entertainment, changed his stance to attend Balayya’s Unstoppable, and opened up fairly well in the show. The camaraderie between the two of them was on full display then.

The camaraderie between Pawan and Balayya was on show again at the public meeting held jointly by TDP and JSP in Tadepalligudem today.

While Balakrishna took up the mic and started to address the massive public gathering there, Pawan Kalyan god up, gently embraced Balayya, and waved at fans. Even Balayya was pleasantly surprised by the gesture of Pawan and he too joined and waved at fans. This incident was cheered on frantically by the alliance supporters.

Pawan and Balayya set the right tone for both sets of fans who often quarrel on filmy topics. They have shown that political aspirations are much bigger than all else and this display of camaraderie and affection between the two of them sets the tone for what is to be expected from the alliance.

Fans can no longer divide into Mega and Nandamuri groups for filmy fan wars while the most important aim is TDP and JSP to jointly fight the electoral battle. The same was effectively expressed on the big stage by Pawan and Balayya today.

Photos: TDP-Janasena Mega Meeting Highlights