Janasena President Pawan Kalyan gave a cautious speech at Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Public Meeting at LB Stadium. Pawan Kalyan made sure that he does not speak a word against KCR and only confined himself to praising Modi.

Meanwhile, Janasena is contesting in eight seats in Telangana. The result of this election will definitely have an impact on AP as the opponents will try to pull down Janasena if they do not win here.

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Some of the contestants are very close to Pawan Kalyan and have worked with him for so long.

They are trying to ensure Pawan Kalyan campaigns for them.

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But then, such a move will be helpful only if Pawan Kalyan speaks naturally like he always does. It is impossible to impress the voters to vote for the opposition if Pawan Kalyan does not mention the failures of the present government.

So, it has to be seen how he handles his campaign in Telangana.

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Pawan Kalyan is treading carefully with KCR because if he returns to power, there are chances that his films may have a tough time in Nizam. Also, there is a chance that KCR can support Jagan Mohan Reddy in Andhra Pradesh as how he did in 2019.