Pawan Kalyan’s JanaSena is gearing up for its first major election campaign in Telangana as the party is to contest 8 MLA seats in the state. And now, the stage is set for Pawan Kalyan’s election campaign here.

Pawan will reportedly kickstart his campaign and the interesting thing is that he has picked BJP over JSP with regard to the election campaign.

Pawan will be campaigning for Rao Padma in Warangal West constituency tomorrow, 22 November. He is starting his election campaign by publicizing the BJP candidate in Warangal West.

Then comes the campaign for the JSP candidates as Pawan is set to campaign for his own party contestants from Tandur and Kuktapally on the 25th and 26th of this month respectively.

The fact that Pawan is set to contest for BJP candidate Rao Padma before campaigning for his own candidates in Tandur and Kukatpally has led to a discussion on social media.

Rao Padma Pawan Kalyan