Pawan Kalyan

There is an idiom in English – “The Tail Wagging The Dog” which means a small or unimportant part of something is becoming too important and is controlling the whole thing. Janasena President Pawan Kalyan is taking himself too seriously putting him in that scenario.

Earlier today, speaking at the Janasena meeting, Pawan Kalyan claimed he has lifted the Telugu Desam Party when it is in trouble (referring to Chandrababu’s arrest).

A few overenthusiatic Janasena supporters are making the video viral and are mocking the Telugu Desam Party and its cadre.

Pawan Kalyan who claims to have read 1000s of Books should think how making such comments will help his party or the alliance just before the elections.

When Chandrababu announced the candidate for one seat, Pawan Kalyan did so much drama. He should now answer how this kind of comment helps.

Pawan Kalyan meeting Chandrababu in jail and announcing the alliance was an appreciable gesture. TDP leaders and cadre should thank him enough. But then, the claims of making a difference to TDP’s electoral prospects are grossly over-stated.

Pawan Kalyan is speaking as if he brought Chandrababu the bail. TDP fought its own battles in the courts and on the ground to be where it is today.

Pawan Kalyan’s political activity after Chandrababu’s arrest is almost nil. He should explain if he worked any harder than Chandrababu or Lokesh to save TDP.

Pawan Kalyan should remember that Janasena is the minor partner in the alliance. We are discussing around 30 seats the party may contest and less than 6-8% vote share it may contribute.

TDP’s victory or defeat will depend on the anti-incumbency of Jagan, the hard work Chandrababu and Lokesh put on the ground, and the track record of TDP and Chandrababu as a whole. Alliance with Janasena or BJP is more due to abundant caution not to take anything lightly.

Today, we have National media surveys where Janasena does not even figure.

If Chandrababu had treated Janasena the same way as Jagan, the party would have gone into the shadows a long ago.

Janasena won just one seat in the 2019 elections and Pawan Kalyan himself lost both the seats he contested. The party did not contest a single election to prove it has improved from its 2019 tally. If Kukatpally can be considered a Mini-Andhra, Janasena lost its deposit there.

However, all these discussions at this point are unnecessary. Pawan Kalyan better refrain himself from making such comments. Only then, there will be coordial relations between both the parties, and vote transfer will happen.