Pawan Kalyan

Janasena President Pawan Kalyan is yet to disclose his seat. Earlier we heard about him contesting from Bhimavaram, later the name of Pitapuram cropped up.

Both Bhimavaram and Pitapuram have the highest percentage of the Kapu Community. Pitapuram especially has 91,000 Kapu community votes, making it a safe seat for Pawan Kalyan community-wise.

But then, Pitapuram TDP Incharge SVSN Varma is revolting against the alliance in this seat.

He already started his campaign with TDP flags and Cycle Symbol. He has publicly announced that he will be the TDP candidate. If not given a ticket, he will be in the fray as an Independent, no matter who is in the race.

Varma similarly contested as an Independent in the 2014 elections and won with a whopping majority of 47,080 votes.

So, Varma has voting of his own which may dent Pawan Kalyan’s prospects.

Meanwhile, there are rumors that Jagan has convinced Pitapuram incharge Vanga Geetha to make way for Mudragada Padmanabham or his son in case they are willing to join the party.

Political Experts say Mudragada may not be an issue for Pawan Kalyan but YSR Congress voting and Varma’s voting together will be bothering.

We will have to see what Pawan Kalyan decides finally!

Janasainiks wishes that Pawan Kalyan decides his seat as soon as possible so that there is enough time for the campaign on the ground.

Pawan Kalyan contested two seats in the 2019 elections but lost both. He is hellbent about going to Assembly this time at any cost.