Andhra Pradesh completed the much-talked-about polling season last night amidst a set of chaotic incidents as warring situations were seen between YCP and TDP cadres.

Interestingly enough, the ruling party, YSR Congress which must usually be confident about the win after the polls has gone into doldrums.

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This morning, the designated mouthpiece of YCP Anil Kumar Yadav said YCP was largely restricted by the police force in Andhra Pradesh while the TDP-dominated areas were given a freehand. He seemed to be of the implication that TDP could carry out the poll management in a much more effective manner than YCP.

This comes after Roja said YCP leaders in her constituency of Nagari worked against her cause. “Our YCP leaders nicely met Jagan whenever they could, and when it came to the election season, they worked against me to defeat me”.

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Roja and Anil are two of the firebrands of YCP who often sling mud at TDP. They are known for their loud mouths and unreal hate for TDP. After the election, the natural expectation is they would show bravado and boast in front of media. But in reality, they went really mellow and this lack of confidence is being pounced on by TDP supporters.

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