Andhra Pradesh has witnessed a lot of violence and fights during the general election polling. The violence is still ongoing, even two days after the polling.

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These fights are instigated by the YCP leaders. Meanwhile, TDP leaders complained to the Election Commission about these incidents. The EC has taken the issue seriously and summoned the Chief Secretary of the state and the Director General of Police.

The EC has called the state’s chief secretary and DGP Harish Kumar to personally attend a questioning session and submit a report on these incidents.

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Following orders, the CS and the DGP are expected to go to Delhi and explain the situation to the EC on Thursday.

Places like Tirupati, Tadipatri, and Karampudi turned into battlegrounds after the polling ended. Yesterday, YCP leaders attacked Chandragiri TDP MLA candidate Pulivarthi Nani at Sri Padmavati Women’s University.

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They attacked him with deadly weapons and tried to kill him. Nani and his gunman were seriously injured in the incident.

Reportedly, the attack was ordered by Chandragiri’s sitting YCP MLA Chevireddy Bhaskara Reddy and his son Mohit Reddy.

In Karampudi town of the Palnadu district, YCP MLA Pinnili Rama Krishna Reddy caused a lot of violence with his supporters. Claiming a TDP worker hit his vehicle with a stone, Rama Krishna Reddy told his supporters to attack rival party leaders.

Immediately, YCP leaders stormed the TDP office and vandalized it. They stopped a vehicle with TDP leader Mastan Jani Basha’s son Buddu and Shaik Jaan inside, made them get out, and then set the car on fire.

They also attacked shops, public and private properties and two women on the road. The police had to intervene and enforce Section 144 in the district.

In Anantapur district’s Tadipatri, supporters of sitting YCP MLA Kethireddy Pedda Reddy caused chaos. They attacked TDP agents at the Chithalarayunipalem village’s polling station, which led to a big brawl between both parties.

Local CI Muralidhar Reddy and two other constables were injured while trying to stop the fight. The violence continued in various parts of the city, and the central forces had to step in to control the situation.