The Telangana Chief Minister’s official working residence, Pragathi Bhavan, remains in the limelight as Congress uses it to target KCR.

Revanth Reddy has vowed to convert Pragathi Bhavan into a public library once they assume power, dedicating the huge building to the public.

Rahul Gandhi took a step further, declaring that upon Congress’s ascent to power, ‘Pragathi Bhavan’ would be renamed ‘Praja Paalana Bhavan.’

He emphasized, ‘The CM and ministers will hold regular ‘Praja Darbaars’ to address public grievances within 72 hours.’

Constructed during KCR’s tenure, Pragathi Bhavan has faced opposition arguments questioning its purpose, citing the CM KCR’s limited public interactions. Until the election results are declared, the fate of Pragathi Bhavan remains uncertain.