Pawan Kalyan has answered the question that has been budding in everyone’s mind till now – Why he has not reacted when Chiranjeevi was merging PRP with Congress? He said that he was a person who was always modest, even with the thought where he compares his knowledge to that of others. He always used to think that the other person knew more than him and therefore, did not want to interrupt.

Pawan said, PRP was initiated with great intentions and dreams but Pawan believes that it was not much of his brother’s mistake on the merger but it was the MLAs who pushed Chiru for merging the party. Those MLAs have said that many good things will happen after the merger and stuff like that, and Chiru believed it. And at the same time, this bifurcation issue was hot. Therefore, Pawan thought that it was best to leave it to big parties for such decisions because it was believed that they knew it the best, said the Janasena President.

But now, after 5 years, we’ve seen what Congress has done to this nation. But what Pawan Kalyan did is that he backed his brother and cursed Congress folks. Chiranjeevi was the president of the party, and people will not accept it if he says that the president of the party could not take the right decision. If he could not, he wouldn’t have formed a party, in the first place. Pawan, backing his elder brother, in his explanation wasn’t justified.