Ram Charan attended Chandrababu Naidu’s Swearing-in Ceremony. In a video, he is seen sitting beside Nara Brahmani and that has gone viral.

After the event, he also met Chandrababu Naidu and congratulated him. A picture of that is also going viral on social media.

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TDP cadre in recent times has grown fond of Ram Charan.

Usually, the stars of his stature are very calculative in every step and they get even more cautious when it comes to Politics.

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But Charan without any inhibitions attended NTR’s Centenary Celebrations held by TDP the last year.

This is at the height of Jagan’s Vendetta Politics. No other big star from Tollywood dared to attend the event even though it is related to NT Ramarao, the Pride of Telugu People.

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He extended support to Pawan Kalyan before the election and even went to Pithapuram to meet his uncle.

That meant indirect support to the alliance during the election period.

And now he attended the Swearing-in ceremony without inhibitions while many stars remained calculative.