Ramoji Rao is one of the most well respected individuals in the Telugu community and his valuable contributions to the community are next to none. This can be understood if we look at the way the Telugu states are mourning his passing now.

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Incidentally, Megastar Chiranjeevi spoke with the media after paying final respects to the renowned Telugu philanthropist, and he had an interesting revelation to make.

“Everyone used to see a courageous and fiercely independent person in Ramoji Rao. But I could see an innocent kid in him. I used to take political advice from him during Prajarajyam time.” Chiru said as he excitedly revealed that he got to see the unseen pure and child-esque side of Ramoji.

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Chiranjeevi added “there was this one time when I gifted him a pen after knowing he had the habit of collecting pens. I gifted him a Cartier pen and he got really excited by it. He then took me to show his pens collection. He was very excited while showing the collection to me. He is such is a pure and honest man.”

Incidentally, a section of mega fans had been sharing a file picture of Eenadu headline from post 2019 election phase. In this pic, Eenadu headline reads “Janda Peekeddam” which is a result of PRP merging in Congress. While this pic anguished a section, Chiru’s comment that Ramoji was important for him during PRP days settles the issue for once and for all.

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