Jagan Mohan Reddy achieved his long-pending dream of getting Chandrababu Naidu arrested. This is something even his father could not manage. It is a different story that the case appears flimsy but Jagan can derive pleasure from the fact he jailed Chandrababu for 52 days.

In a recent interview, Telangana IT Minister K Taraka Ramarao also spilled beans that Jagan asked KCR to cooperate with Ramoji Rao’s arrest but the Telangana CM refused.

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Keeping aside these high-profile arrests, last night, TDP Senior leader B Tech Ravi was arrested.

This is a case that pertains to a protest that Ravi was involved in at Kadapa Airport some ten months ago.

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The case itself does not look so serious and moreover, a night arrest for such a case appears silly.

It is understandable if Jagan wants to arrest Chandrababu or Ramoji Rao but what is the rationale behind arresting someone like B Tech Ravi?

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Ravi is set to contest the ensuing Assembly elections on a TDP ticket against CM Jagan in Pulivendula. He has been actively touring the constituency ever since the party announced him as its candidate from Pulivendula.

Arresting Ravi at this juncture is only sending the wrong signal.

Worrying about an opposition leader in Jagan’s own seat does not look nice for the public perception especially when you make tall claims of ‘Why Not 175?’

For the kind of track record YS family has in Pulivendula, Jagan should not even know the name of his opponent. But if he is taking him so seriously, something is seriously wrong.

It is really a surprise the CM with a record number of advisors gets such bad advice.