Chief Minister Revanth Reddy has made a direct allegation, claiming a nexus between the BJP and Congress in the upcoming general elections. He criticized KCR, questioning why KCR, KTR, and Harish Rao haven’t campaigned in constituencies like Malkajgiri, Bhuvangiri, Zaheerabad, Chevella, and Mahabubnagar.

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Revanth accused KCR of fielding weak candidates in these segments to indirectly assist the BJP, allegedly aiming to shield his daughter Kavitha from liquor cases. Similar allegations were believed by the people of Telangana before the previous General Elections, which caused significant damage to the BJP.

Revanth seems to be attempting to replicate this strategy to sway public opinion, suggesting a hidden friendship between BJP and BRS. Telangana people believed the similar allegation before General Elections that went huge damage to BJP. Surprisingly, there hasn’t been a strong rebuttal from either party, prompting cautiousness and vigilance among BJP leadership.

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Amit Shah, the BJP leader, is closely monitoring the Lok Sabha elections in Telangana, and candidates are receiving advice and instructions tailored to local conditions. With the aim of securing 370 seats nationwide, the BJP leadership has directed the state party to secure at least 10 seats in Telangana. Consequently, they are regularly assessing the shifting dynamics in all constituencies, except for one or two.

Moreover, special teams are reporting to the national leadership on the impact of leaders joining or leaving the party, as well as the support local party leaders are providing to candidates from BRS and Congress. This includes assessing the attitudes of party cadre and local residents.

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According to party sources, special survey teams have reported that many senior leaders in Mahabubnagar, Medak, and Malkajgiri parliamentary constituencies have joined the Congress in the past ten days. Among them are nine candidates who contested in the recent assembly elections. Additionally, there are indications that some other BJP leaders may also be inclined to move towards the Congress.