Rushikonda Palace in Visakhapatnam is currently the center of controversy in Andhra Pradesh.

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It was allegedly constructed by YS Jagan for his personal use. However, as he lost the elections, the scam behind his palace was revealed.

The former tourism minister, RK Roja, who was silent all these days finally opened up on the issue. It was Roja who inaugurated these buildings in Vizag.

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Like all other YCP leaders, Roja is also defending the construction of this expensive palace and is suggesting the TDP government to put the palace to use in some or the other way.

“Chandrababu is only known for scams but not development. As part of the tourism, a lot of delegates visit our state from different countries. To host them, we need a building with state-of-the-art facilities. Unfortunately, we do not have any permanent buildings so far. Like Falaknuma Palace in Hyderabad, the government can lease this building for anyone and make money,” said Roja.

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She also added, “We should create amenities suiting the infrastructure. For a high class building like that, we also should provide high class facilities. If the government can not lease it, they can stay in the building,” said Roja.

As usual, Roja is also talking without any logic and defending the fact the their government wasted the public money.