Sajjala Is Like Ramaprabha In Adhurs Movie!TDP National Spokesperson GV Reddy hurled at a Satire at Government Advisor Sajjala Rama Krishna Reddy who behaves like everything in Jagan’s Government.

“In Adhurs movie, Ramaprabha comes out every time instead of Nayanthara. Sajjala is similar. Why is he talking about the floods when the Home Minister is supposed to talk about disasters?,” GV Reddy questioned.

“The other day, he talked about finance issue. Where is the finance Minister? He talks on rapes and murders as well. Where is Home Minister who has to take care of law and order?,” GV Reddy asked.

“He comes instead of the Chief Minister as well. What is the use of the Chief Minister and Ministers then?,” he added.

The National Spokesperson also questioned why the CM is not coming out and what happened to the 4000 Crore Calamity fund he promised while in the Opposition.

Suffocated by the criticism of the Opposition and the General Public, the Chief Minister is finally going to visit the flood-affected areas on 26th and 27th of this month.