Sajjala Stumped With His Own Logic!Union Government had given a presentation of debts of some states in the all-party meeting and warned ten states including Andhra Pradesh that their economic situation is deteriorating like Sri Lanka.

These comments of the Center had troubled Andhra Pradesh big time as the Opposition is already making similar comments on the state government.

YSR Congress MPs and officials have sprung into action finding fault with the Center’s comments and blaming the previous TDP Government.

Government Advisor Sajjala Rama Krishna Reddy went a step ahead and questioned, “How can you compare Andhra Pradesh with Sri Lanka? Andhra Pradesh is a state and Sri Lanka is a country”.

What Sajjala said is exactly right but that leaves us with another question.

“If a state and country can not be compared. Why the inspiration of South Africa’s three capitals for Andhra Pradesh?”.

“Sajjala is a master in making comments according to his and his party’s political convenience,” TDP is criticizing.