Pawan-Kalyan-Inner-Ring-Road-CaseJagan Mohan Reddy is moving case after case to send Opposition Leaders to jail. We have seen them arresting Chandrababu Naidu without even questioning him in a flimsy case.

After Chandrababu, the Government is also trying to implicate Nara Lokesh as well. The Former Minister is named in the Fiber Net Case as well as the Inner Ring Road Case so far. The Ministers are making open threats that he will be arrested soon.

Meanwhile, there are rumors that the Government may implicate Pawan Kalyan as well in the Inner Ring Road Case. The major objective of this case is the Ring Road alignment be changed to increase the value of lands belonging to Lingamaneni Ramesh.

In lieu of that favor, Chandrababu Naidu and Pawan Kalyan were benefited, the Government alleges.

Sakshi aired a program saying that Pawan Kalyan also got benefited from Lingamaneni for being silent on the Inner Ring Road alignment.

Pawan Kalyan owns 2.4 acres near Kaza near IRR alignment. The lands were purchased from the Lingamaneni family at the rate of Rs. 8 lakh per acre according to the government price. It is noteworthy that the land exempted from land pooling was given to Pawan Kalyan. According to the market price, each acre is 2.5 Crore. That means Pawan Kalyan got 6 Crore Rupees worth land just for 19.2 Lakh Rupees,” the Program in Sakshi said.

Political Experts say this may be the first hint before Pawan Kalyan is named as an accused in this case.

If they do, it will be another hollow case. But then who cares? Jagan’s Government is arrest first and send to jail and the rest is rest.