YS-Jagan-Sakshi-Andhra-Pradesh-Loans-Sakshi today published an article about how Andhra Pradesh‘s debts are not worse as a few states in the country.

The Ruling Party supporting media house lists Top 5 or 6 states with highest borrowings in the country and proudly announced how AP is one among them.

While the enthusiasm in saying All is Well is clearly seen, Sakshi did not realize that it is trying to say they are comparing with the worst in the country.

TDP is ridiculing that Sakshi has picked up this bad habit from Jagan Mohan Reddy himself.

“In Tenth Class Pass percentage, Jagan compares with Gujarat, a state that recorded worst performance in the country. Jagan inspires three capitals idea from South Africa, one of the worst performing nation in the world,” they remind.

“Basically from competing ourselves with the best in the country, we are comparing ourselves with the worst. That is what happened to Andhra Pradesh in these three years,” they add.