Manoj-SahaniEver since the live-in relationships culture caught up in India, we have been hearing several heinous crimes. Here’s one such new instance involving a relatively elderly man and his live in partner in Mumbai.

Going into the story, a man named Manoj Sahani and his live in partner Saraswati Vaidya have been living in a rented house in Mumbai for a while now. They have been in a relationship for last 3 years.

Last night, the neighbors complained that a foul smell was coming out of the house. The police were called to action.

After the arrival, the police found that Manoj had murdered Saraswati. And what followed was more shocking. The police found that Manoj had been boiling his live in partner’s body parts in a cooker with the intention to hide the evidence.

The police have now registered a murder case and Manoj will have to face the consequences for his heinous crime.