The Telangana Legislative Assembly elections’ counting centers have been confirmed, totaling 49 across 33 districts.

Hyderabad, the capital, boasts the highest counting centers at 14. Notably, Khairatabad and Jubilee Hills constituencies’ votes will be tallied at Kotla Vijayabhaskar Reddy Stadium, with 13 additional centers designated for other constituencies.

Rangareddy district accommodates four centers, while each of the remaining districts has one. The list includes various educational institutions and stadiums, such as JNTU Engineering College in Manthani, AMC Godown in Kamareddy, and Balayogi Stadium in Gachibowli.

These centers are strategically distributed to ensure efficient counting for specific constituencies, for instance, AMC Godown in Parigi for Parigi, Vikarabad, Tandur, and Kodangal.

The comprehensive list covers diverse locations, from engineering colleges to indoor stadiums, indicating a meticulous arrangement for the upcoming elections.