KTR-JaganBJP has become the principal opposition in Telangana all of a sudden. We have seen KCR and KTR targeting BJP in recent times. The other day, Modi struggled to deliver a speech when Teleprompter going off has gone viral on social media. With other party supporters mocking the Prime Minister.

Taking an indirect jibe at the Prime Minister, KTR this morning posted a tweet which goes like this – “There are Visionaries & then there are the TeleVisionaries”. After the tweet went viral, the Telugu Desam Party official Twitter handle quoted it and took a jibe at Chief Minister Jagan.

“Andhra Pradesh has a Visionary sitting in the Opposition and a ‘Prisonary’ as CM who runs the State with fake news, false propaganda, caste wars and paid media / social media,” they posted along with a picture which shows CBN as a visionary and Jagan as a Prisonary.

TDP using KTR’s tweet to target Jagan has come as an interesting development. The tweet is going viral on social media.