TDP and Janasena are waiting for BJP so that they can announce the candidates list. Sensing a change in the mood of Andhra, the BJP high command is interested to bring TDP into NDA.

Meanwhile, there is a section in BJP cadre that hates TDP on caste grounds. They always say cock and bull stories that TDP along with Venkaiah Naidu destroyed the growth of the BJP in Andhra Pradesh even though there is not even a 1% effort by the party any time.

Even if the alliance happens, they are trying their best to ensure the Vote-transfer does not happen between the three parties. So, they are trying to poison the minds of Janasena supporters.

They are spreading rumors that BJP is insisting on 50 MLA and 10 MP seats for them and Janasena. And some others say BJP is insisting on 4-2-1 formula in MLA seats in all MP seats. That means TDP will be barely left with around 100 seats to contest. Power-sharing is bonus in both these rumors.

They say BJP is delaying the alliance announcement as it is fighting hard to protect the interests of Pawan Kalyan.

This is a ploy to create confusion in the Janasena cadre regarding Seat-sharing. So, when these stories do not happen, they will be disappointed and do not vote for the TDP. The Hadavidi of this batch reminds us of the famous saying ‘Kotha Bichagallu…‘

However, these theories look outright silly. More than the numbers, BJP‘s commitment towards Janasena is not believable.

We have seen how BJP did not cooperate with Janasena in all by-election and local Elections that happened in AP after 2019. The same party was not ready to give a single seat in the GHMC Elections. We have seen them give losing seats to Janasena in the Telangana Assembly Elections and humiliated Pawan Kalyan after all the candidates lost the deposits.

The same BJP severed ties with Janasena for Parliament Elections after using Pawan Kalyan in Assembly Elections. If they say, they are fighting for Pawan Kalyan, even a school kid will not believe.