The Telangana Assembly, consisting of 119 seats, conducted its elections in a single phase on November 30.

The public is eagerly tuned in to their TV and mobile screens, anxiously awaiting the results of the exit polls to discern whether KCR will make a comeback or if Congress will emerge victorious.

Exit polls suggest Congress might beat BRS, possibly ending KCR’s nine-year rule. Some even think the election could result in no clear winner. BRS’s expected seats range from 30 to 50, with only a few thinking they could win a third time.

Already speculations have also arisen regarding the guest list for the Chief Minister Swearing Ceremony from the neighboring state of Andhra Pradesh.

If KCR emerges victorious, YS Jagan is likely to be invited, while if Revanth Reddy assumes the role, Chandrababu Naidu is anticipated to receive an invitation.

Based on exit poll outcomes, TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu might be the one gracing the swearing-in ceremony of Revanth Reddy as Telangana’s next chief minister.