Telangana State Elections: Muslims Deciding Factor In 40 Seats

As Telangana gears up for assembly elections, the Muslim vote is becoming a big deal, especially in areas like Hyderabad’s old city and 33 other places where Muslims have a say. Usually, they’ve been supporting the ruling BRS, but this time, things seem to be changing.

There are at least 40 constituencies where Muslim votes will affect election results big time. Every constituency has at least 10 to 18 percent Muslim voters.

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The BRS talks about how much money, Rs. 9,166 crores, they’ve spent over almost ten years developing and helping minorities. They’ve got plans for 204 minority schools, free education for 1.31 lakh students, and a bunch of financial aid schemes.

They’re banking on the fact that Muslim voters, who make up 43 percent in Hyderabad and are pretty significant in other places too, will stick with them.

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On the flip side, the Congress party is going for the minority votes too. They’re saying they’ll pump Rs. 4,000 crore into minority welfare, offer cheap loans, fair reservations, and help fill jobs. They hope these promises will swing about 2.68 lakh people to vote for them.

Then there’s the Majlis Party, working with the BRS. They’re holding meetings, bringing in leaders like Asaduddin Owaisi, and saying things to make Muslims think twice about supporting Congress.

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Bharatiya Janata Party, on the other hand, does not have much hope about the minority votes but is trying to win at least some votes by showing a stable government at the center.